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Online Vehicle Trade-In Value Tool

Ready to upgrade your Harvey ride? Looking to make some extra cash? No matter what your plans are, when you trade in your car in New Orleans with us, you are sure to secure a great deal. Our finance team works hard to offer aggressive compensation, and our online car trade-in value tool reflects that goal. Today, we will discuss how the online vehicle trade-in value estimator works and some of the various factors that will impact the worth of your trade-in car in New Orleans.

How to Trade In a Car in New Orleans

Understanding your online car trade-in value is just a few clicks away! Through our online vehicle trade-in value form above, you can quickly gauge how much money you can earn from selling us your old vehicle. This is a great way to offset the cost of an upgrade or to make some extra cash! Follow these simple steps below to get a strong idea of what your current Marrero model is worth:

  1. Enter the year, make, model, and condition into the required fields.
  2. You have the option to add mileage, the VIN, and interior & exterior photos.
  3. Add your contact information, and hit submit!

Obtaining your online car trade-in value can be handled in three easy steps! Let’s discuss what impacts the value of your trade-in and how to get an accurate appraisal below!

Factors That Impact Trade-In Value

While we all want to get the most money for our trade-in, offering accurate details in our form is the best way to avoid jarring disparities when it’s actually time to trade in your ride. Providing accurate information for our team to assess will lead to a pre-appraisal that matches what our team will find when you bring your vehicle to our dealership near New Orleans for an inspection. We are committed to offering fair and competitive compensation for trade-in vehicles near New Orleans and can take your old ride off your hands in no time. Factors that impact the value of your vehicle include:

  • Mileage & mechanical condition
  • Vehicle accessories
  • Interior condition
  • Exterior condition
  • Automotive market

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team. Our experts can help you decide where to get a loan and more! We can’t wait to help you earn top-dollar for your vehicle.

Value Your Trade: FAQs

Q: How do I trade in my car?

A: Learning how to trade in your car can seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s quite easy with Ray Brandt Kia on your side. You’ll just need to follow a few simple steps. Start by getting the value of your trade. You can use our trade value tool above and compare the offer with other sources on the internet like Kelley Blue Book.

The next thing you’ll want to do when learning how to trade in a car is to get an appraisal. Don’t be afraid to shop your vehicle around to Harvey area dealerships to get the best offer. Once you’ve had your vehicle appraised, you can negotiate or accept the offer. One of the great things about working with Ray Brandt Kia is we welcome negotiation! If you feel we’ve missed something in our appraisal, we’re happy to hear you out and make a fair offer.

Q: Can you trade in a financed car?

A: Yes, trading in a financed car is absolutely a possibility! How does trading in a financed car work exactly? It follows a similar process as any other car trade-in, but you should be mindful of your equity. If you have positive equity, you’ll get more than the car is worth when you trade it. This is an ideal scenario as it will help you boost your down payment.

If you have negative equity or you’re “underwater” on your loan, your debt won’t go away when you sell your car. You’ll likely need to roll over your existing debt into your new contract. While not the easiest situation to navigate, our team can help you decide if selling your vehicle and moving to a new financing plan is right for you. Similarly, we can evaluate your needs and determine if it would be better for you to trade in a financed car for a lease!

Q: Should I fix my car before trading in?

A: If you want to maximize your trade-in value, you might ask, “Should I fix my car before a trade?” Generally, the answer is no. While that may seem a bit surprising, there are good reasons for keeping your car out of the shop before you trade it into a dealership like Ray Brandt Kia. First and foremost, you’re unlikely to recoup your investment. Chances are you won’t boost the value of your vehicle enough to get back what you spent on repairs. That’s because our dealer service team has the equipment and expertise to handle the repairs more efficiently on our own. So we’d prefer to fix the vehicle ourselves, rather than pay a premium for someone else to do it.

In terms of big fixes, we advise you to skip them. However, you can take on some smaller upgrades if you feel inclined. Cleaning your vehicle, removing stains, and replacing consumables are worth the time and effort. You can replace broken wiper blades and burnt-out bulbs without spending very much money. These small enhancements can significantly boost the curb appeal of your vehicle and help you score a better offer!