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How to Do a Tire Rotation

Changing the wheel on a car
Whether you’re behind the wheel of a new, used, or certified pre-owned Kia model from Ray Brandt Kia, it’s important to know how to do a tire rotation in order to keep your vehicle running at its best and stay on top of your Kia maintenance schedule. You can surely count on your local mechanic or service team to get the job done and have you back on Harvey and Marrero roads in no time, but you can also learn how to rotate tires at home if you’re up to the task. Learn more about Kia tire rotations with Ray Brandt Kia.

Why is Tire Rotation Necessary?

Due to different driving habits, as well as your vehicle’s drivetrain and where and how often you drive your Kia, tires don’t wear evenly. When your tires are constantly turning and coming into contact with the road, the outside edges and treads of the front tires may have been worn more than rear tires, which can wear down more evenly. Failing to rotate your tires will mean they will wear at different rates and you may have to replace tires separately.

Changing a wheel

How Often to Rotate Your Tires

If you’re behind the wheel of a front- or rear-wheel drive vehicle, then you can go by the regularly suggested interval of having your tires rotated every 5,000 to 7,500 miles (and changed when they start to wear thin). But since all-wheel-drive vehicles have tires that are constantly facing wear, they will have to be changed more frequently between every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. As with any vehicle service, refer to your owner’s manual for more specific tire rotation recommendations.

Tire Position

Whether you have AWD, FWD, or RWD Kia models, it’s important to know how to tires should be changed correctly according to the drivetrain that you leverage.

  • FWD Tires: Move the front tires to the back of the car in the same left/right positions, and when moving the rear tires to the front, switch the right and left tire.
  • RWD Tires: The opposite is true with RWD vehicles. The rear tires should be moved to the front in the same left/right positions, but when moving front tires to the rear, be sure to switch the left and right tire.

How to Rotate Tires at Home

If you’re a self-starter and you want to know how to rotate tires at home, be sure you have a car jack and lug nut wrench on hand. Once you have everything you need, follow these six steps to easily rotate your tires:

  1. Engage parking brake for an extra measure of safety.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts on all four wheels, but don’t take them all the way off. This step makes unscrewing them when the tire is elevated much easier
  3. Lift up one wheel with a car jack and place the jack stand underneath it.
  4. Remove the tires one by one.
  5. Take this time to make sure your tires are filled to the optimal tire pressure. Once filled, you can rotate them according to the appropriate pattern for your type of tires. Place the tire back onto the wheel mount and screw the lug nuts on by hand as far as you can.
  6. Lower the car from the jack stands and use the lug wrench to finish tightening the nuts. It’s best to work the lug nuts diagonally from one to another in a star pattern to ensure even tightening. If the lug nuts aren’t tightened evenly it can cause the brake rotor to warp.

Get Kia Service at Ray Brandt Kia

Now that you know how to rotate tires at home, make your way over to the Ray Brandt Kia service department if you have any questions or want a second look. Check out more service features such as what happens if you don’t change your oil, how long oil changes take, how to jump start a car, along with many more Kia service tips and tricks. Be sure to take advantage of our Kia service specials to save even more on your next visit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment near Gretna and New Orleans!

Our Service Specials

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Keeping your brakes in top condition is essential for your safety on the road. A brake service can identify any potential issues with your brakes and ensure that they are functioning properly. By staying on top of your brake maintenance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be able to stop quickly and effectively in any situation.

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