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Kia Recalls FAQs

Every year, the NHTSA conducts countless safety tests to ensure that vehicles, car seats, car tires, brakes, and all associated equipment perform as intended. Sometimes, these tests reveal shortcomings that pose a safety risk. Once a factory defect is discovered, a safety recall is issued.

So, what happens after a safety recall is issued? If you’ve received a recall notice, all you need to do is make your way to an authorized Kia service center like Ray Brandt Kia to have the problem fixed free of charge. If you’re not sure whether or not your vehicle has been impacted by a recall, you can check right here on this page. Read on below to learn more about Kia recalls.

Does My Car Have a Recall?

If you’re worried about recalls on your car, learning how to check recalls on your car is quite easy! As long as your Kia is properly registered, you will receive a recall notice directly from the manufacturer. If you want to enquire about a Kia recall on your own, you can check directly on this page. Learning how to check recalls on your car is a breeze since all you need is your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). This is a 17-digit code that distinguishes your vehicle from any other.

If you drive an older vehicle and you’re asking, “Does my car have a recall?” your VIN may not be as helpful. Your VIN will only pull recall results if the vehicle was produced in the last 15 years. If you drive an older model, you can work directly with our team if you’re trying to learn how to check recalls on your car. Contact us for assistance.

Why are there Recalls On My Car?

If you’re worried and asking “Why are there recalls on my car?”, recalls are issued when there is a defect in “performance, construction, a component, or material of a motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment.” The NHTSA defines a safety defect as any problem that exists in a motor vehicle or piece of equipment that:

  • Poses a risk to motor vehicle safety.
  • May exist in a group of vehicles of the same design or manufacture.
  • May exist in items of equipment of the same type and manufacture.

There Are Recalls On My Car – What Do I Do Next?

If you’ve asked, “Does my car have a recall?” and the answer is yes, you might be curious about your next steps. Luckily, having a recall remedied is no challenge at all. Ray Brandt Kia is committed to ensuring that your commutes from Marrero to New Orleans remain safe, smooth, and secure. As such, we work hard to embody the standards of Kia and perform all repairs with that goal in mind. If your vehicle has a recall issue, the repairs will be performed by our certified technicians at no charge. You can quickly schedule an appointment to have your repairs handled at a convenient time.

Rely On Ray Brandt Kia for Service

If you need recall repairs or any type of maintenance, visit Ray Brandt Kia near Harvey. Our expert team is standing by to keep your vehicle road ready at all times. Work with us the next time your vehicle needs a bit of TLC.