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Apply for Auto Financing Online with Ray Brandt Kia

If you're ready to trade up for a new or new-to-you Kia, you've got to come to Ray Brandt Kia. Aside from our great selection and our honest, upfront pricing, we offer a wide range of perks to make the car buying process as simple and as streamlined as possible. If you've already compared buying vs. leasing and explored the benefits of financing with a dealership, you may be ready to apply for auto financing online. Don't let this major step stress you out! We've made it easy to get the interest rate that you deserve.

Drivers near Marrero and Harvey have plenty of options when they're searching for financing. However, when you apply for an auto loan online, you'll have a better experience from start to finish. After all, taking out a loan is a big step. Why wouldn't you want to start a new adventure from the comfort of your own home?

How to Apply for a Car Loan Online

Our easy-to-use form makes it quick and easy to apply for auto financing online. Just provide us with the information we need in the space provided, and wait for someone to contact you with an offer! After you receive your expected rate, we'll set up an appointment with our financing team. We'll go over all of the details, help you explore additional options, and ensure that you're aware of all the fine print! Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. After all, the day you apply for a car loan online is only the first day in a relationship that could last a lifetime.

Are you searching for a way to apply for an auto loan with poor credit? You've come to the right place, because Ray Brandt Kia is proud to work with drivers from all walks of life. Our dedicated and well-connected financing team will do everything they can to ensure that you find a vehicle that truly satisfies, at a monthly payment that fits well within your budget. Don't wait for the perfect deal to fall into your lap! Apply for auto financing online with Ray Brandt Kia, and move forward today!

Apply for Financing: FAQs

Q: Can I get in-house financing on used cars?

A: Yes, you can get used care financing on used cars! Are you searching for used car lots with in-house financing? Are you unsure of what in-house financing means? In-house financing is when the dealership offers the loan, rather than a bank or credit union. Shopping for used cars with in-house financing near Harvey offers a range of benefits.

In-house financing is often the most convenient way to secure a car loan. Why is that? Because you can get a loan at the very same place where you're buying the car. That means no back-and-forth through email, call, text, or even fax. With in-house financing, you can sit down with a real person and communicate your needs. Another huge benefit is the fact that in-house financing is often more flexible than working with a traditional lender. That's because dealerships aren't held to the same restrictions as banks. So, we can work with you if you're in a tough spot. No matter where you chose to get your loan, you can trust our team to help you score the best deal.

Q: How can I get car financing with a bad credit score?

A: If you're worried about how to get a car loan with bad credit, you can take a deep breath and relax! Here at Ray Brandt Kia, we work with drivers of all financial backgrounds and have tons of experience with bad credit car loans. If you want to learn how to get a car with bad credit, Ray Brandt Kia can help. For starters, evaluate your current situation and decide if there are any simple actions you can take to clean up your credit score. Then, you'll want to determine what you can truly afford.

If you have bad credit, offering up a larger down payment is a great way to make yourself look more favorable to lenders. Next, you'll want to shop around to see which lending institution can offer the best deal. When you work with Ray Brandt Kia, we can do the legwork for you. Plus, we have strong relationships with local lenders, so we can help you get a favorable loan. You may also want to consider in-house financing, as dealerships are often able to offer more flexible loans. Over time, responsibly paying down your auto loan will improve your credit score, opening the door for favorable refinancing in the future!

Q: How does financing a car work?

A: When shopping for a new or used car, you have a few options as far as payment is concerned. You can pay cash, lease, or finance. What does it mean to finance a car? Financing a car is when you secure a loan from a bank, credit union, or dealership to cover the cost of your vehicle purchase. From there, understanding how car finance works is quite simple. Since your lender paid for the car, you'll strike an agreement to pay them back. Over a set period of months, you'll make equal payments until the loan and interest are paid off.

The terms of your loan will vary based on a number of factors. Your lender will consider your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, loan amount, length of the loan, and the age of the vehicle. When you partner with Ray Brandt Kia, our team will work tirelessly on your behalf to help you secure a strong loan deal. We'll study your budget and automotive needs to point in the direction of the right vehicle and purchase method to match!