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Find Cars Under $600 a Month

Wondering what are the best cars to finance under $600 a month? Check out our inventory above. Just because you are shopping on a budget does not mean you have to forgo the quality and technology of a new vehicle. When you choose from our new vehicle specials at Ray Brandt Kia near Harvey, you can finance a vehicle for under 600 dollars a month. There are so many great ways to save money when you shop our selection at Ray Brandt Kia, so be sure to check out our Kia finance center to learn more. The finance center is here to help you with every step of the car buying process and the finance application process.

How to Choose Whether to Buy or Lease with Payments Under $600

At Ray Brandt Kia it isn’t hard to find a vehicle with lease payments under $600, but you also will be able to find finance payment plans that work for you. Which of these plans work better for your Marrero adventures? Learn more about the difference between lease payments under $600 and similarly-priced finance payments:

  • A lease payment under $600 is a good option for people who would want to keep their vehicle for at least three years. This is a great option if you can adhere to mileage limits and keeping to the maintenance schedule. When the lease is up, you will return the vehicle to Ray Brandt Kia with several options: get a new lease, purchase the car you leased, or purchase a different vehicle.
  • A finance payment under $600 is a more traditional way to purchase a vehicle. While considering down payments, monthly payments, sales taxes, and insurance is typically more expensive than a leased vehicle, you will be able to own the vehicle outright when you are done.

Get Lease Payments Under $600 at Ray Brandt Kia

Are you ready to get a lease payment under $600? Contact us and we will get the process started.