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Tire Replacement at your New Orleans Kia dealer

You know your tires are a crucial part of your Kia, but you may not realize quite how important they actually are. Your tires work with your brakes to make sure that you stop when you want to and their tread ensures that you stay on the road at all times, whether the pavement is dry or wet. You can take care of average tire maintenance yourself. When it comes to tire repair or replacement, bring your vehicle to your New Orleans Kia dealer for expert tire service and pricing.  Make an appointment for tire service at Ray Brandt Kia today!

Inspecting Your Tires

As a Kia owner, you should ideally take the time about once a month to check your tire pressure. This lets you ensure that they are always properly filled and can give you an early warning about a potential leak. You should also do the occasional visual inspection for cracks or bubbling on your tires and check the tread depth. Anytime you suspect that there is a problem with your tire or its tread is getting low, bring it to a professional at your local service center.

The Professional Difference

The professionals at your Kia service center can do everything from checking and filling your tire pressure to finding a leak or checking the tread. We can also rotate your tires and let you know when they need replacement. Most importantly, when it comes time for new tires for your Kia, we will work with you every step of the way. Years of experience ensure that we can suggest the ideal tires for your particular model and the way you plan on using it. We may suggest summer tires, all-season tires, or off-roading tires depending on what you do on a regular basis with your vehicle.

Whether you are concerned about the condition of your tires or are ready for new ones, the service center at Ray Brandt Kia in Harvey, Louisiana, can assist you.  Customers from Slidell, Kenner, and Gretna can save even more on Kia service by taking advantage of our Service Specials.